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Friday Oct 6,2017

Happy Birthday Rob K




15 Minute AMRAP:

30 Overhead Squats
20 Bar Facing Burpee Jump Over
10 Muscle Ups

*20 Pull Ups for the muscle ups.

0% 0%

Katie2+45  65#, PUs
Crystal2+18 Rx
Amber F3+20 Rx PU's
Keith G2+15  75#, PU's
Nicole T2+20  55#; Green band on bmu
Anna Pe2+5  . BMU w/grn bnd
Tim2+22  Subbed 135# back squat for ohs
Bill H2+51 Rx MU
Dave G2+31 Rx
Stacey1+35  25#/ kettle bells for our
Dan FRx mu
Briana1+50  MU with Dave
Brendan L2+23 Rx
mina3+1  OHS35#, strict leg ups on pull up bar, 5 pull ups purple band, no pain slow and steady and felt good
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