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Monday Oct 9,2017

Happy Birthday Crystal
Nice work tonight, 6:30pm'ers! Quality moves on those complexes :)




20 Complexes - Squat Clean, Shoulder to OverHead, Back Squat and Jerk 95/65
20 Pull Ups
20 Handstand Push Ups
20 Box Jumps
20 Weighted Squat 25/15

100% 0%

Amber F11:48 Rx
Katie15:54 Rx
Crystal15:39  Reg. Push-ups
Anna Pe13:43 Rx
Nicole T23:07 Rx
HeatherDNF  Shoulder issue, did 20’s, sub PU for HSPU, 3of 10 complexes, 10 step ups &air squats
Jeff O13:27 Rx 30's
Stacey17:15  25#
Briana12:30 Rx
Emily12:16 Rx
Alyssa19:59 Rx
Brendan L19:47 Rx
Mickey B16:50 Rx
Liz16:50  Push ups not pull ups today
Glenn R.20:20 Rx
Andi20:25  Happy to be back in it
Dan F17:17 Rx did it Tues
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Briana 4:28pm
Happy Birthday Crystal!
Crystal 7:14pm
Thanks Bri!