Massage Therapy

Olivia Harlow with MassageKinetix is our gym's Licensed Massage Therapist.

30min - $35
        * This option will be on site at CFSA. It will be fully clothed and is a shorter session to keep in line with getting in and out quickly. This is more injury/ rehabilitative, sports and trigger point work.

60min- $65

90min- $95

Modality Offers and brief descriptions:

Trigger Point - tight areas within a muscle that refer pain to other parts in the body. Can be a sharp pain, or a dull aching pain.
Injury- Promotes faster recovery by stretching and breaking adhesions. It helps flush swelling and brings back proper circulation.
Sports- Helps normalize body tissues and relieves pain, allowing the athlete to perform better.
Deep Tissue

*session times are for hands on time
Contact Info:
Olivia Harlow, LMT